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Easee Key

Easee Key

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What is Easee RFID Key?

The Easee Key is used for authorization when charging on restricted Easee Charging Robots. It is based on RFID technology and has a unique code that is linked to your Easee profile. This code is called a Key number and can be found on the back of the Easee Key tag.

Do I need an Easee tag key?
You only need the Easee Key if the charging system is set up in such a way that permission is required to use it. In that case, use the Key tag by holding it against the Easee Charging Robot to start charging.

Can I also use other RFID key types?
Yes, the Charging Robot supports a wide variety of different cards and tags if they are based on RFID technology. So feel free to use your credit card or your work access card for this, for example. You can add these to your profile using the Easee Charge Portal or Easee App. If your favorite RFID card does not have a visible key number, you can use the Charging Robot to read the key number and load it into your profile.

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