Welcome to our installation page! We understand that installing a smart charging point can be a challenge for some customers. That is why we now offer an installation service in collaboration with our installation partner. Only available in the Netherlands.

Please note, only labor costs are included. Costs for materials and additional work are not included in the installation package.

How does it work? All you have to do is order your smart charging point on our website and then indicate that you want to use our installation service. Once you have indicated that you want to use our installation service, our partner will contact you to make an appointment. An experienced and professional installer will then be sent to install the smart charging point at your home. You can rest assured that everything will work perfectly after installation.

This way we take away all your worries and you are assured of a safe and professional installation. Moreover, you save valuable time and you do not have to look for a reliable installer yourself.

Choose convenience and order your smart charging point with installation service on our website today!

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