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Easee Equalizer (load balancing)

Easee Equalizer (load balancing)

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The Easee Equalizer is the solution for optimally managing your charging experience. It makes it possible to use the available power in a building for charging electric vehicles without exceeding the main fuse. The Equalizer is easy to install: remove it from the box and hold it in front of the Easee Charging Robot for a moment. After this, it is connected to the power source at the electricity meter. It communicates with the Charging Robot via EaseeLink™, a combination of radio and WiFi.

Benefits: a) Prevent overload and power outages while charging electric vehicles. b) Automatic distribution of the power between Charging Robot and building. c) Monitor your home's energy consumption and gain insight into the power used.

Smart charging management: The Equalizer automatically adjusts charging when little power is needed in the house. Thanks to EaseeLink™, power distribution continues to work even if there are problems with the connection or WiFi.

Easee Link™: The Equalizer uses EaseeLink™, a combination of wireless radio connection and WiFi.

Plug-and-Play: Connect the Equalizer and the Charging Robot by holding the Equalizer in front of the Charging Robot. Setting up the product has never been easier.

Easee App: Monitor your home's energy consumption with the Easee App.

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