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Easee Charge Lite 11 kW White

Easee Charge Lite 11 kW White

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The Easee Charge Lite is the most suitable choice if you are looking for a charging station that is equipped with the latest techniques and functions in combination with ultimate ease of use . This charging station is universal, you don't have to think about technical specifications. It can be installed on both a 1- and 3-phase connection in the meter cupboard and is suitable for any car. This charging station has a dynamic charging capacity and can charge from 1.3 kW to 11 kW.

Thanks to the advanced Load Balancing technology, you never have to worry about overloading your electricity grid or using the charging station in combination with other electrical appliances or solar panels, because the Load Balancing regulates the available power itself. Please note that load balancing requires a separate purchase of the Easee Equilizer.

You can fully manage the charging station via the app or cloud and set it to your own wishes. In addition to personal settings, you can also choose to set costs through providers such as E-flux that others pay to you when they use your Easee charging station. This makes the charging station ideal for both private and business use.

There is a built-in electronic earth fault protection that provides detection of DC and earth faults. The charging station is also equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth


  • Full dynamic charging capacity 1.4 – 11 kW (1 and 3 phase charging)
  • Supports 3-phase charging on IT network (230V). Please note: the electric car must support this.
  • Integrated earth leakage protection Type B.
  • Integrated RFID reader and energy measurement.
  • WiFi connection possible
  • Permanent locking of the Type 2 cable possible
  • Integrated RFID reader (NFC / ISO 14443 and MiFare Classic)
  • Automatic settlement and reimbursement of charging sessions possible via e-flux
  • Energy measurement, for reading your charging consumption
  • Different color covers available
  • 3 year warranty

Simplify the process of installing the charging point by purchasing it via Let the professionals take care of the installation for you, without any worries. Only available in the Netherlands.

Please note, only labor costs are included. Costs for materials and additional work are not included in the installation package.

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