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Wallbox Copper SB 22kw

Wallbox Copper SB 22kw

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Looking for an advanced and intelligent charging station for your car? Meet the Wallbox Copper SB. This charging station not only has a sleek design that fits into any environment, but can also be used flexibly thanks to internet connectivity. This allows you to measure the power consumption per car via an APP or RFID Pass. In addition, the Copper can charge up to 22kW in a 3-phase installation and is suitable for both type 1 and type 2 car plugs.

But that's not all. The Copper SB also has Load Balancing and Power Sharing. Load balancing measures the current consumption in the meter cupboard and adjusts the charging capacity accordingly. This way you can always charge quickly and safely without overloading the power connection. Powersharing distributes the available power among various connected charging points. All this can be managed and adjusted via the myWallbox APP or RFID cards (charging card).

Thanks to WIFI connectivity, you can adjust power, schedule charging sessions and manage energy consumption wherever you are. And with the option to settle charging costs with your company or employer via partner, it all becomes even easier and more transparent.

In short, the Wallbox Copper SB is the perfect charging station for your car. Order it today and enjoy fast and efficient charging, wherever you are.

Simplify the process of installing the charging point by purchasing it via Let the professionals take care of the installation for you, without any worries. Only available in the Netherlands.

Please note, only labor costs are included. Costs for materials and additional work are not included in the installation package.

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