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Discover the new Pulsar from Wallbox: The Pulsar Pro from € 884

The Pulsar Pro

In a world where electric transport is becoming increasingly popular, the need for reliable, efficient charging solutions is greater than ever. Whether you run a business that deploys electric vehicles for business use or are simply looking for an easy-to-use way to charge at home, the Pulsar Pro offers an innovative and versatile solution to meet all your needs.

A New Multi-User Solution

The Pulsar Pro has been designed with both private and business use of electric transport in mind. Whether it concerns your employees charging their electric company cars or facilitating electric driving at home, this charging solution is reliable, accessible and easy to manage. Plus, you can easily set up business settlements, making charging cost management seamless.

Faster Installation

With pre-configured 4G connectivity and a data plan, installing the Pulsar Pro becomes a breeze. This means you can get started straight away, with less commissioning time and less chance of errors. The back plate design makes installation even easier than you can imagine.

Remote management

With myWallbox Business you have full control over your charging stations. You can manage chargers, process payments, control user access, generate reports and much more, all remotely. Furthermore, the Pulsar Pro is OCPP compatible, meaning it can easily be integrated into any backend system you already use.

Improved Service and Maintenance

Thanks to the 4G connectivity, software updates can be performed remotely, so your charging infrastructure is always up to date. In addition, advanced security ensures that unauthorized tampering, physical damage and cyber attacks are prevented. And if something goes wrong, the charging cable is easy to replace, which minimizes downtime.

Cost optimization

With Dynamic Power Sharing you can connect up to 100 chargers to a single power supply, resulting in improved energy efficiency and lower costs. This makes the Pulsar Pro not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective.

Usage benefits

- Reliability: Thanks to 4G connectivity, you can enjoy full connectivity with minimal interruptions. The robust design protects against extreme weather conditions, water, dust and impacts. In addition, the advanced CPU ensures faster processing speeds and performance.

- Easy to Use: The attractive and compact design of the Pulsar Pro is complemented by the intuitive Halo Light, which clearly displays charging status. Authentication and payment are effortless with RFID, NFC and the myWallbox app.

- Peace of mind: Encrypted communication protects personal data, while simple business settlement based on OCPP and charging cards ensures that you can charge without worries.

The Pulsar Pro represents the future of electric charging, with a focus on reliability, ease of use, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness. Whether you run a business or simply want to charge electric vehicles at home, the Pulsar Pro offers the solution you need. Discover today how this advanced charging station can help you benefit from the benefits of electric driving. Now from €884 https://slimmelaadpunt.nl/products/wallbox-pulsar-pro-22kw-5-of-7m
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