De Nieuwe Zaptec Pro met MID-certificaat vanaf €1349 -

The New Zaptec Pro with MID certificate from €1349

Electric mobility has taken the world by storm as a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuel vehicles. In response to this growing trend, the electric vehicle (EV) market and associated charging infrastructure has evolved significantly. One of the newest and most notable players in this domain is the brand new Zaptec Pro with a MID certificate. In this blog we take an in-depth look at the Zaptec Pro, which is available from €1345 without backplate, and discover why it is the ideal solution for larger parking spaces in housing cooperatives, homeowners' associations (HOAs), companies and new construction projects.

The Zaptec Pro: A Revolution in Charging Infrastructure

The Zaptec Pro is a technologically advanced charging solution for EVs that takes the electric mobility revolution to the next level. This advanced charger not only offers fast and efficient charging capabilities, but also has a range of features that can meet the diverse needs of users. Here are some highlights of the Zaptec Pro:

One of the most striking features of the Zaptec Pro is its modular design. This allows the charger to be flexibly adapted to different situations and power requirements. This means it is suitable for everything from individual homes to larger car parks and fleets.

The accompanying app makes managing, controlling and planning charging sessions easy. Users have full control over their charging processes, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

Zaptec is known for its reliable products, and the Zaptec Pro is no exception. It is designed to function smoothly over a long period of time and under various conditions, resulting in minimum maintenance and maximum availability.

A crucial feature of the Zaptec Pro is the MID certificate, which stands for "Measurement Instruments Directive". This certification has several advantages:

- Accurate Measurements: The MID certificate guarantees accurate measurements of electricity consumed, which is crucial for fair billing and regulatory compliance.

- Legal Compliance: In many regions it is legally required to use MID-certified charging stations, especially in commercial environments. The Zaptec Pro meets these legal requirements.

- User Confidence: MID-certified chargers are seen as reliable and accurate, which increases user confidence in the charging infrastructure.

The Zaptec Pro, available from €1345 without backplate, is particularly suitable for larger parking spaces in housing cooperatives, homeowners' associations, companies and new construction projects. The modular design makes it possible to combine multiple units to create a scalable solution that meets the growing demand for EV charging options.

Whether you are an HOA director needing to manage the EV charging infrastructure for an apartment complex, a business owner looking to support a green fleet, or a new construction developer looking to integrate sustainability, the Zaptec Pro is the ultimate choice to meet your needs. to fulfil.

In short, with its advanced technology, modular design and MID certification, the Zaptec Pro holds the future of electric mobility. It not only provides a powerful charging solution, but also the flexibility and reliability needed to support the growth of EVs worldwide. It's time to make the switch to the future of electric mobility with the Zaptec Pro. Now from €1349
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